Our Mission

We empower communities by creating opportunities for all people to engage in meaningful experiences through the arts and live more artful lives. We do this through initiatives that celebrate culture and creativity, that support the work of local artists, musicians, and performers, and that enable more people to experience all the benefits the arts have to offer.



We envision a future where all people connect with their own innate creativity and artistic spirit and realize a world of unlimited possibilities.


Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of our organization and guide the way we develop and deliver programs to the community. 


The Arts Connect Us With What it Means to Be Human

Creativity and the arts allow us to connect with one another and with what it means to be human.


Communities Benefit From Engagement in the Arts

Communities are strengthened and benefit when youth and families are engaged in the arts.


Everyone Should Have Access to the Benefits of the Arts

All people should have access to meaningful arts and cultural experiences and all the benefits the arts have to offer.

Artists are Essential

Artists and the Arts Are Essential to a Healthy Society

We believe the world needs artists and that thinking creatively can improve the world around us. We should support artists, musicians, and performers and value their work as central and critical to a healthy society.

Our Work

Youth Programs

We serve youth in the Austin area by providing enriching arts, music, and cultural programs to families in underserved communities.


Community Programs

We serve the Austin community by providing programs for people of all ages and backgrounds to become more actively engaged in the arts.

Artist Resources

We provide professional development programs and networking opportunities to support artists, musicians, and performers in all disciplines.

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