A Pivotal Moment in History

AI technologies are redefining the boundaries of creative expression and altering the way art is conceived, created, and consumed. Now is the time for artists to enhance their knowledge about AI and how these emerging technologies might be leveraged for their creative (as well as their economic) potential.

Our objective is to empower artists to establish their crucial seat as stakeholders in the evolving arts-tech space to ensure the responsible use of AI and the central position of human artistry in the field of arts during this pivotal moment. Our Artists and AI initiative provides opportunities for artists to engage with innovative tech-centered creative practices, build more robust networks across disciplines of art and technology, and develop new avenues for visibility and relevancy in an AI-enhanced world.

Project Objectives


Provide a platform for artists and creatives in all disciplines to experiment with AI technologies, explore collaborations between the fields of art and tech, and engage with innovative tech-centered creative practices.


Engage the artist community in dialogue about current developments in AI technologies to position them at the forefront of their field and give them a competitive edge in accessing professional opportunities.


Provide opportunities for artists to connect with other professionals and experts across disciplines, develop more robust professional networks, and explore beneficial opportunities for collaboration.

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Kellyn Dassler

Artist, Creative Technologist, and Software Developer

Kellyn Dassler is an Austin-based artist, creative technologist, and software developer, who makes interactive installation art and visuals that incorporate machine learning and 3D for a creative code experience between the artwork and users. Recently, she has also expanded to making poetry and adapting this into many different algorithmic forms, such as p5 visualizations, interactive pieces, and 3D printed forms. Kellyn is particularly interested in translation and blending physical and digital worlds. She is also very interested in creating tools for artists to incorporate AI into their work.

Jason Fletcher

Artist and Motion Designer

Jason Fletcher is an artist based in Austin that works as a freelance motion designer. After receiving BFA in 3D animation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he went on to work at the Charles Hayden Planetarium for 12 years where he created immersive experiences. Operating under the “isosceles” moniker, he has a Patreon where creates visuals for VJ performers to use during their live concerts. Jason is always experimenting with the latest AI tools to create visuals for his various projects.

Jeff Wilson

Mixed Digital Media Artist and Technologist

Jeff Wilson is a mixed digital media artist and technologist from Austin, TX. With a degree in sculpture from Syracuse University and a long career in IT, Jeff has been at at the forefront of the fine arts and technology worlds for more than 20 years, blending technology into his creative process and most recently incorporating Artificial Intelligence into his toolbelt. Jeff is interested in exploring the collaboration between human and machine while maintaining what is truly human in the arts.

Rick Kitagawa

Author, Visual Artist, and Creativity Coach

Rick Kitagawa is a creativity coach and consultant who has worked with executives, founders, and creators from around the globe and Fortune 500 companies. He is also an award-winning visual artist and Amazon Best-Selling author. He currently leads Brainstorm Road, a community of creative people building their dream project in the midst of real life.

Jessica Paz

Artist and AI/ML Specialist

Jessica Paz found her voice as an artist at a young age by weaving her Salvadoran roots into her artistic expression. With a degree in Linguistics and Computer Science, she pursued a career in tech and served in the US Air Force as a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As both an artist and specialist in AI/ML, Jessica is interested in how AI technologies are challenging assumptions about creativity and the role of artists.

Alfredo Esposito

International Lawyer, specializing in Copyright, Digital Rights, and AI

Alfredo Esposito is an international lawyer and global thought leader specializing in copyright, digital rights, and AI. He has an extensive resume of experience serving as advisor and privately assisting companies on international legal matters. In 2021, he established the law firm Difesa d’Autore offering specialized legal service on internet legal matters, and continues to share his expertise by contributing articles on legal, digital, and AI topics in various publications.

Shawn Shan, M.S.

Computer Scientist and Researcher

Shawn Shan is a researcher in the Computer Science Department at the University of Chicago, where he serves as Project Lead for Glaze, a tool designed to protect artists from generative AI mimicry. Shawn’s research focuses on on understanding fundamental limitations of AI systems and protecting people from malicious uses of AI. His work has been covered by media outlets such as the New York Times, BBC, NBC News, MIT Tech Review.

Zach Beasley

Multi-Media Creative, Artist, and Designer

Zach Beasley is a multi-media creative based in Austin who moonlights as a musician and visual artist. With a BFA in Design from UT-Austin, he works as a creative leader in the healthcare and media industries, producing content for small startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. He is interested in the ways AI technologies can be leveraged to improve our workflow and used as a brainstorming tool for creative ideas.

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