Amplifying South Asian Arts and Culture

South Asian Voices is the endeavor across all of our programs to amplify the voices, celebrate the traditions, and illuminate the stories of artists and performers from Austin’s South Asian community. We host public workshops, presentations, and performances and produce seasonal celebratory events featuring local artists and showcasing South Asian art, music, dance, and cultural traditions.

The objectives of this endeavor are to connect arts participation with real-world cultural contexts, giving public audiences the opportunity to engage with South Asian art forms and cultural traditions while showcasing local artists, musicians, and performers representative of these traditions.

Initiative Objectives

Cultural Vibrancy

Provide opportunities for public audiences to engage with diverse artistic and cultural traditions, with emphasis on showcasing artists, teachers, and performers of South Asian art forms.

Promoting Equity

Provide opportunities for artists and performers from minority communities, and more specifically from Austin’s South Asian immigrant community, to visibly reinforce their status as specialists and experts and showcase their artistic work on public platforms.

Celebrating Austin

Share the beauty and diversity of our vibrant local arts and cultural scene through engaging events that reflect the local histories, personal stories, and lived experiences of the South Asian immigrant community in and around Austin.

Wonderful India Festival
April 5 – 28, 2024

A month-long cultural event featuring local artists and performers representing different regions and artistic practices from India.
Visit the festival website at the button below.

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Thank you to our supporters.

Thank you to our supporters.