Organization History

We began in 2013 as a volunteer team of arts and music educators providing arts and culture workshops and performances for children and family audiences in Austin. In 2018, we incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit with the vision of cultivating creativity, celebrating culture, and creating a more interconnected world through the arts.

Artly World Timeline 2013 to 2019
Artly World Timeline 2020 to 2022

Our Values and Approach

We believe creativity and the arts are a unique platform to empower people and communities toward a brighter future. Our initiatives support the accessibility of arts programming among underserved populations and provide the resources, tools, and support systems needed for artists, musicians, and performers to pursue successful careers. Our aim is to provide meaningful arts and cultural experiences that inspire people to reconnect with their own innate creative spirit and realize a world of unlimited possibilities.


All people should have access to meaningful arts experiences and all the benefits the arts have to offer.


Communities are strengthened and benefit when youth and families are engaged in the arts.


We should support artists, musicians, and performers and value their work as central and critical to a healthy society.

Our Founders and Leaders

Our leaders and their vision are the driving force behind our organization’s commitment to cultivating creativity, celebrating culture, and creating a more interconnected world through the arts.

Roshan Manjunath, Executive Director

Roshan Manjunath,
Executive Director

Artly World incorporated as a 501c3 in 2018 under the direction of Roshan Manjunath, an entrepreneur, writer, and first-generation immigrant from India. Roshan believes that participating in the arts can help people reconnect with what it really means to be human and help young minds develop into whole, integrated individuals.

Myranda Harris,
Program Director

Myranda is one of the founders and members of the initial volunteer team that led to the establishment of Artly World as a 501c3 nonprofit. Myranda has a passion for leading arts projects that promote community engagement and participation, and she believes that the arts can unite people and communities from diverse backgrounds.

Craig Sheffield, Director

Craig Sheffield,

Artly World would not be where it is today without Craig’s passion to share music and cultural experiences with Austin audiences. Craig supports Artly World’s vision of a compassionate and aware community and believes that through education, open communication, and understanding, we can better ourselves and our society.

Annie Medley, Director

Annie Medley,

Annie’s support and experience has provided unique insights toward the development of Artly World’s community engagement initiatives. Annie is a strong supporter of local arts and music scenes and is passionate about how the arts can help young minds discover their unique qualities and strengths.

Eddie Hsu, Director

Eddie Hsu,

Artly World is indebted to Eddie’s support and initiating volunteer efforts as a world music artist, scholar, and educator in Austin. Eddie is passionate about how musical instruments and music-making can facilitate cultural awareness and inspire appreciation of art.

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