Fall 2023 Events

How to Survive AI as an Artist Artly World Artist Talk October 24, 2023

An insightful talk followed by an interactive discussion on steps artists can take to not only survive but thrive in today’s current reality. Presented by Rick Kitagawa, Amazon best-selling author, award-winning visual artist, and creativity coach helping people build their dream project in the midst of real life.

Access a recording of this engaging discussion on Youtube soon.

An enlightening presentation and discussion addressing the ways AI can be incorporated into the artist’s process not as a replacement, but as an invaluable partner in creation. Presented by Jeff Wilson, mixed digital media artist and technologist based in Austin with more than 20 years of experience blending technology into his creative process.

Access a recording of this engaging discussion on Youtube:
AI as a Partner in Artistic Creation

An engaging talk and live Q & A session addressing how recent lawsuits and ethical dilemmas regarding attribution and ownership of AI art reshaping the landscape of copyright protection. Presented by Alfredo Esposito, international lawyer specializing in copyright, digital rights, and artificial intelligence.

Access a recording of this informative presentation on Youtube: AI-Generated Art and Copyright.

A lively webinar and Q & A session addressing the impacts of generative AI on artists’ work and livelihood and steps artists can take to protect their work from unauthorized mimicry. Presented by Shawn Shan, a researcher in Computer Science at the University of Chicago and lead for the project Glaze, a free tool that can help protect artists from unauthorized mimicry from AI models.

Access a recording of this engaging discussion on Youtube: Artists, AI Art, and Resisting Dystopia.

A lively presentation and artist discussion with Zach Beasley, an artist, storyteller, and designer based in Austin, TX, who shares ideas on the ways artists can leverage AI tools in their own individual creative practices.

Access a recording of this in-person event on Youtube soon.

A lively, in-person discussion and exchange with artists in Austin, TX, on the ways AI technology is changing the way we think about art and our roles as creatives. Led by Jessica Paz, an artist and specialist in AI/ML interested in the ways AI technologies are challenging assumptions about creativity and our definitions of art.

Access a recording of this in-person event on Youtube:
Artists and the Age of AI

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