Our Artist Resource Programs serve practicing artists, musicians, performers, and creatives in all disciplines and at all stages of development with online professional development opportunities.

Our objective is to support artists with the tools and resources they need to pursue and develop a successful career in the arts. Our programs provide free online professional development workshops, career mentorship, and networking sessions to artists from all over the nation.

Artist Relief Project

Artly World Artist Relief Project

 Initiated in 2020 to support artists impacted by the pandemic with emergency relief grants and online trainings and resources to help them transition and weather the shutdown.

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ARP Programs

Artly World ARP Programs Black

Supporting artists in all disciplines and stages of development with professional resources and networking opportunities to empower their pursuit of their professional goals.

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Future of the Arts

Artly World Future of the Arts

Online round-table discussions, artist talks, and an annual symposium addressing the impact of technology on the arts and other pressing issues facing artists today.

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“I can’t say enough good things about this organization. I had a great learning experience. Competent and well prepared teachers will guide you through some relevant subjects, that can interest whoever is currently an artist and entrepreneur.”

– Stefano Intelisano, Musician, ARP Programs (2021)

“ARP has been an invaluable resource in navigating the past 2 years. So thankful for all that you do!!”

– Juliette Vaissiere, Artist, ARP Programs (2022)

“After receiving several years of formal arts training (BA and MFA) I’ve looked to ARP to fill in the gaps -from educational theory to professional practice.”

– Tashi Thomas, Artist, ARP Programs (2022)

“It’s such a wonderful service and resource for a one-woman business like mine, trying to create content and learn new things all on my own with very limited time and money to invest back into my business.”

– Jengi Miller, Artist, ARP Programs (2021)