A Community-Driven Initiative

Artist Relief Project is an initiative to provide support to artists, musicians, performers, and creatives who have been impacted by the circumstances of the COVID-19 crisis. We owe the success of this endeavor to the support of the greater community in spreading awareness about this initiative and joining together to help one another through this crisis.

Artists, Musicians, & Performers Supported
Professional Development Classes for Artists & Creatives
Individual Career Coaching Sessions
Group Networking and Feedback Opportunities

Need and Scope

The recent global health crisis has had a huge impact on the arts community. Most artists, musicians, and performers—dependent on live events and face-to-face interactions for their livelihood—were not professionally or financially prepared for the economic circumstances of this crisis.

The goal of Artist Relief Project is to empower artists, musicians, and performers across all disciplines with the support they need toward their continued pursuit of a successful career in the arts. We provide grants, professional development programs, career consultations, networking opportunities, and other resources to help artists and creatives overcome the professional challenges they are currently facing.

What Artists Are Saying

Support artists and the arts community.

Your generous contribution ensures that we can provide professional programs and resources free of charge to artists in need.