Now is the time for us to come together as a community and help those in need.
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What Are We Striving to Do?

The recent global health crisis has had a huge impact on the arts industry. Artists, musicians, and performers dependent on live events and face-to-face interactions have lost their main source of income, and it is uncertain when (and if) they will be able to resume their livelihood as normal.

Now is the time to give back to these artists, musicians, and performers, who contribute so much to the joy, vibrancy, and quality of our lives and culture.

The Artist Relief Project is collecting donations from those with the means to help. Funds will support artists in any discipline, who have been directly impacted by event cancellations and venue closures due to COVID19-related health concerns. The funds raised will offer relief to artists in the immediate short term in the form of a one-time stipend and in the long term in the form of resources for alternative, sustainable economic opportunities.

How This Project Will Help

The Artist Relief Project provides COVID emergency relief to artists, musicians, and performers impacted by event cancellations and venue closures in two ways.

Anyone pursuing the arts as a career (any discipline) whose income has been impacted by event and venue closures is eligible to apply to the Artist Relief Project. Funds and resources will be distributed to artists on an ongoing, first-come, first-serve basis. We will collect donations indefinitely to help as many affected artists as possible.

Short-Term Relief

A one-time, immediate, COVID emergency relief stipend of $200, distributed to applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis

Long-Term Assistance

Free programs and resources for alternative, sustainable economic opportunities for artists to share and sell their work

The only limitation to how many we can help will be how much funding we can raise.

Who is Behind This Initiative?

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Artly World is a registered 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to empower children, families, and communities through creative arts opportunities and initiatives. We support artists, musicians, and performers by providing professionally and economically beneficial opportunities for them to share their craft with a broader audience. Learn more about our programs and initiatives at

We initiated the Artists Relief Project as we realized the devastating financial repercussions of the COVID shutdown on the arts community. Our hearts are with the artists, musicians, and performers around the nation struggling without access to their main sources of income. Our aim with this initiative is to offer some relief to these artists during this immediate time of crisis and to provide programs and resources to help them recover financially in the long term.

You can reach out to us at [email protected] with questions or concerns.