Sparking Creativity in Young Minds

Our Youth Arts and Outreach initiatives serve children in the Austin area by providing enriching arts and music programs free of charge to families with limited or no access to quality afterschool programs and opportunities. Our programs provide safe and productive afterschool environments for young minds to thrive and develop support systems that will help them succeed in the future.

Need and Scope

Afterschool hours are a time of day when children are most at-risk for falling behind—academically as well as socially. Idleness, boredom, and lack of supervision leave young minds vulnerable to isolation and risky behaviors.

The goal of our Youth Arts programs is to provide young minds with a supportive foundation to develop into responsible, engaged citizens tuned into their own growth and their important role in their communities. We do this by using arts, music, and creativity as a platform for youth to develop positive social skills, build support systems, and increase engagement in their own learning and personal development.

What the Kids Are Saying

All children deserve access to high-quality arts experiences and opportunities.

Your generous support ensures that we can provide our programs free of charge to families in underserved communities in Austin.