Our Youth Programs serve children and families in the Austin area by providing enriching arts and cultural programs in communities with limited access to quality arts programming.

Our objective is to provide young minds with a supportive foundation to develop into responsible, engaged citizens tuned into their important role in their communities. Our programs foster a safe and productive environment for youth to exercise their creativity and celebrate and participate in diverse artistic and cultural practices.

Young Explorers Program

Young Explorers Program

Youth explore the world around us through diverse artistic practices and cultural traditions.

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Youth Arts Showcase

Youth Arts Showcase

Aspiring young artists experience public exhibition and performance opportunities.

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Curriculum and Approach

Our Youth Programs curriculum aligns with National Core Art Standards to provide students with holistic arts learning experiences with opportunities to Create, Present, Respond, and Connect.


Youth create and perform works in different artistic disciplines.



Youth develop and refine artistic work for public presentation.



Youth practice discussion and reflection of theirs and others’ artistic works.



Youth learn how arts practices connect to larger cultural traditions and social contexts.



“Our family has found these events to be so beneficial for learning about different art mediums and giving my child a creative outlet with space to explore.”

– Ashli C., Parent (2022)

“My children love meeting the artists, creating art, learning, playing with friends and seeing familiar faces…I’m very grateful to have such a wonderful resource that gives access to arts and community.”

– Danielle D., Parent (2023)

“I am very grateful that Artly World has provided high quality, accessible opportunities for my kids to explore and create art…The program has been terrifically well-run, and has provided irreplaceable opportunities for my kids to explore the arts.”

– Jessica M., Parent (2022)

“Artly World has totally sparked a love of art in my son. We’re so grateful for this organization!”

– Kat W., Parent (2023)

“My daughters love Artly World and have learned so much…we have enjoyed each class.”

– Parent (2022)