Positively Impacting the Lives of Seniors

Senior Smiles is an initiative the supports the social and emotional well-being of seniors in the Austin community. The program delivers fun group arts classes onsite to senior residents in low-income retirement facilities and culminates in a public exhibition to showcase and celebrate their creativity.

The objectives of this program are to provide our seniors with much-needed opportunities to socialize, to participate in beneficial arts and cultural activities, and to build stronger relationships and support systems.

Project Objectives

Social Well-Being

Provide a safe space for senior residents to socialize and build relationships with others. Crucial because many seniors do not have family who visit regularly and they need opportunities to build reliable support systems.

Emotional Well-Being

Provide an emotionally beneficial outlet for creative expression and recreation. This is a much-needed service for seniors, as their only outlets for engagement are the recreational options provided inside their living facility.


Community Engagement

Provide ongoing opportunities for community engagement through public exhibitions that showcase and celebrate the seniors’ work, fostering additional opportunities for seniors to develop stronger community relationships.

Be Part of this Meaningful Cause


Volunteering for our Senior Smiles program is an incredibly rewarding experience with lasting impacts on the lives of seniors. Fill out the volunteer application to explore opportunities!



Gift a season of smiles to low-income seniors in our Austin community! Your contribution will help us continue to deliver free arts programs onsite to seniors in low-income retirement facilities.


Join us in this endeavor to build a community where all seniors feel supported, valued, and empowered.

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Thank you to our supporters.

Thank you to our supporters.