Our Community Programs serve audiences in Central Texas by providing opportunities for people of all ages and levels of artistic experience to become more active in their local arts and music scenes.

Our objective is to provide meaningful arts and cultural experiences for people to exercise their innate creativity and celebrate local artists and community traditions. Our programs cultivate exciting opportunities to create original work, experience new ideas and perspectives, and connect with others.


Saturday Arts Sessions

Artly World Keepsakes Program

Community members of all ages and levels of experience enjoy exercising their innate creativity with others in fun arts and crafts workshops around Austin.

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Senior Smiles Program

Senior residents enjoy arts workshops and activities as an outlet for creative expression and a platform for socialization and community building.

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Austin Arts Fair

Artly World Austin Arts Fair Program

A public event for audiences to celebrate and engage with the local artist community through live demos, performances, exhibitions, and an arts market.

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Philosophy and Approach


Our initiatives are opportunities for Austin residents to engage in their local community and cultivate stronger relationships and support systems.



Our community events are opportunities to unplug from the screens and connect with others in real life while (re-)connecting with our own innate sense of creativity.



Our community initiatives are opportunities to celebrate community traditions, engage with local artists, and experience diverse artistic and cultural practices.


Support meaningful arts experiences for all.

All people deserve access to the benefits the arts have to offer.
Your donations and support help us keep our Community Programs free for community members who might not otherwise be able to participate.

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