Waivers and Terms of Participation

This is not a drop-off program. Please ensure that a parent/caretaker remains onsite during the program. Most arts activities are tailored to be suitable for children ages 5 to 10 (with some flexibility). Parents/caretakers may use their discretion and assist their own child(ren) as needed.

Artly World will take necessary precautions by disinfecting heavily used surfaces and encouraging frequent washing of hands and social distancing as necessary. Please stay home if you or a family member is sick. If you or a family member are exhibiting symptoms of fever and/or possible sickness, you may not be allowed to attend/participate.

Artly World and their agents and staff shall not be liable or responsible for and shall be held harmless from and against any and all claims and damages of every kind, including, but not limited to, injury or death to any person(s) or damage to or loss of property arising out of or attributed to the operations of Artly World’s programs or its agents or staff in carrying out the functions of its programs.

We will take photos of our group artworks and activities for use on Artly World publications, social media channels, and website. No identifying information will be publicly shared. Please let us know if you or a family member prefer not to be photographed during the event.

We will take actions to ensure we create a safe, fun, and inclusive learning environment for all. Attendees are expected to be courteous and respectful to the teachers, artists, and other participants at all times. Attendees who intentionally disrupt the sessions and/or disrespect others will be asked to leave and possibly banned from attending future events.