Family Programs

We serve families in the Austin area by providing free, all-ages arts and cultural programs for kids, parents, and caretakers to enjoy together. We make every effort to ensure these programs are accessible to the entire Austin community by offering them free of charge and open to the public at different venues across the city.

Our family programs are opportunities for participants to spend quality time with their loved ones through creative explorations of music, culture, and the arts. Our objective is to provide a fun and kid-friendly platform for families to participate in the arts and become more actively engaged in local arts, music, and cultural scenes.

Why it Matters

Accessibility and other hurdles, such as cost, location, timing, and exclusivity of classes or performances, hinder many people from participating in their local arts, music, and cultural programs and activities.

And, as a result, families and communities are missing out on great opportunities to support their local community, celebrate their cultural heritage, enjoy fun and memorable family activities with their loved ones, and experience new ideas and perspectives.

We make arts participation more easily accessible to the broader community by offering family programs free of charge to the public at times and locations convenient and appropriate for all ages. Our family programs are a fun way for people to become more actively engaged in the arts with their loved ones through direct, hands-on participation in exciting arts and music activities.

What People Are Saying

Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of participating in the arts.

Your generous support ensures that we can provide our programs free of charge to all families and communities in Austin.