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One of the most contentious topics in prehistory today is to address who the Indians are. Colonial studies using linguistics proposed that Central Asians invaded or migrated to India during 1500 BCE, effectively replacing the existing civilization. While this received wisdom continues to dominate history textbooks in USA and the world, it is rejected by a vast section of Indians who believe otherwise. Today multi-disciplinary science from diverse areas such as genetics, archaeology, climatology, geology, astronomy are revealing the truth about the Indian civilization. The speaker will take the audience on a vast journey over time, harnessing published scientific results to bear upon the antiquity of the Indian civilization.

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When: Saturday, April 20, 2024 | 1:30 to 3:30p
Where: 3806 Cherrywood Rd, Austin, TX 78722
Parking: Free parking available streetside and in Maplewood Elementary School lot at 3809 Maplewood Ave.

About the Speaker
Dr. Raj Vedam is an Electrical Engineer, with many years of multi-disciplinary work experience in diverse industries including Power, Aircraft, analog and digital Electronic Design Automation, and Oil & Gas. With several journal and conference papers and patents, he is an innovation leader, with current interests including optimization, modeling and machine learning.

Raj Vedam’s research on the roots of modern sciences, mathematics and technology has led to new insights. Whereas Western narratives favor the origin of astronomy and math (among other fields) as having originated outside India and imported into India during various invasions, Raj Vedam’s multi-disciplinary studies reveal otherwise. His research proposes an ancient Indian civilization that made advances in several fields of knowledge.

As Public Speaker, he has delivered over 300 talks in various cities in India & USA. His YouTube videos have more than 4 million views. He is a visiting faculty at Hindu University of America (Florida), Rishihood University (Haryana, India), and Arsha Seva Kendram (Coimbatore, India) and offers courses on his research findings. He is on the advisory council of Dharma Civilization Foundation (California).

About the Festival
Wonderful India is a month-long festival featuring local artists and performers representing different regions and traditions of India. Experience artwork, music performances, dance recitals, community gatherings, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations in celebration of India’s artistic and cultural traditions.

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