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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your child will learn to create music and play instruments from different traditions around the world. But our larger objective is to give your child a safe and productive space to practice skills in intercultural communication, empathy, creativity, collaboration, and leadership. Music provides a hands-on, communal, play-based learning platform where your child will develop these skills and have a lot of fun with their friends while doing it.

Your child will develop their creativity, learn how to work as a team and build a community, and practice skills in leadership, collaboration, and communication.

Children need opportunities to practice innovating, designing, collaborating, communicating, and empathizing with others. With all the focus on technology and digital media today, how often does your child put down the screen and interact with others on a face-to-face, human level? When does your child have the opportunity to create and collaborate with others in person? How are your kids developing healthy social habits, empathy, and meaningful relationships?

Absolutely not. No prior music experience is needed. We’ll teach your child everything they need to know on the spot through fun, interactive games and activities. And we provide all the instruments and materials needed. Your child will laugh and cheer with their friends as they create art, sing, dance, and play instruments. It’ll be like a class full of group games, except your kids will also be developing crucial interpersonal skills that will help them succeed in the future.

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