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Your Donation Will Help Children Realize Their True Potential.

Donate to provide critical afterschool resources to Austin’s underserved youth.

  • Afterschool hours are a time of day when children are most at risk for falling behind—academically as well as socially.

  • 1 in 5 children are left alone and unsupervised after school, leaving them vulnerable to isolation, disengagement, and other risky behaviors.

  • Children who participate in high-quality afterschool programs develop positive social skills, habits, and support systems that help them succeed in the future.

Help a child realize their true potential.

With your generous support, we provide enriching afterschool programs free of charge to children and families living in Austin’s underserved communities.
Our programs provide a safe and productive afterschool environment where young minds can thrive and develop critical skills, habits, and support systems that will help them succeed in the future.

Kids in Our Programs Say:

Artly World Nonprofit

Artly World is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing children in underserved communities with safe spaces and productive experiences to help them build critical skills essential to build a brighter future.

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